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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Services

Steering the Future of IT with Precision and Foresight

At Trident InfoSec, we take a holistic approach to GRC that goes beyond check-the-box audits. Our integrated solutions proactively identify and remediate risks to efficiently meet compliance needs while enabling innovation.

GRC Services

Our GRC Methodology

Trident InfoSec examines your entire business ecosystem to provide customized GRC services tailored to your unique needs.

Continuous Assessment

We conduct ongoing gap assessments across your people, processes, technology, and vendors to identify vulnerabilities and ensure continual compliance as regulations and systems change.

Network analysis

We scan networks, endpoints, servers, databases, apps, APIs, and other assets to pinpoint misconfigurations, outdated software, unpatched systems, and other deficiencies.

Data mapping

We discover where sensitive data resides across on-prem and cloud environments and assess controls.

Vendor audits

Third-party vendor compliance is evaluated through questionnaires, document analysis, interviews, and on-site assessments.

Internal audits

We examine internal controls like access management, encryption, logging, backups, incident response plans, and more.

Regulatory analysis

We monitor legal and regulatory changes to promptly address new compliance obligations.

Metrics-Driven Risk Management

Our advisors build customized risk management frameworks aligned to your regulatory obligations and risk appetite. We generate risk ratings through quantitative analysis based on threat levels and control deficiencies. Risks are tracked continuously via KRIs and KPIs.

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Automation for Efficiency

(Smart GRC tools drive efficiency while enhancing visibility)

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Risk registers track control deficiencies and remediation status.


Compliance calendars outline deadlines, renewals, training, and key dates.


Dashboards give leadership real-time visibility into compliance posture.


Workflow automation streamlines assessment, approval, and evidence collection processes.

Our GRC Services

Trident InfoSec helps clients across industries address regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, CCPA, and others. Our services include:


Gap Assessments

We evaluate your compliance posture against relevant frameworks to reveal where gaps exist in controls. Our findings report provides a prioritized roadmap to remediate deficiencies.


Audit Support

We offer end-to-end assistance with compliance audits and certifications:

  • Pre-audit preparation including internal readiness assessments, documentation updates, and training

  • Remediation support to promptly address auditor findings

  • Audit defense and appeal assistance in case of disputes


Risk Management

We build customized risk management programs including risk registers, frameworks, quantification models, dashboards, and training.


Vendor Risk Management

Our vendor risk management services encompass third-party due diligence, risk ratings, contract reviews, and ongoing monitoring.


Policy & Procedure Development

We create, update, and maintain compliant policies, standards, procedures, and supporting documentation.


Realize the Potential of Compliance

Trident InfoSec enables organizations to embrace compliance as an opportunity through:

✅ Proactive risk reduction across the enterprise

✅ Increased efficiency by optimizing compliance activities

✅ Cost savings by focusing resources on key risks

✅ Better visibility into vulnerabilities, trends, and performance

✅ Expert guidance to strategically interpret regulations

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