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The Security You Need, The Peace of Mind You Deserve

Trident InfoSec Managed Security Services


Why Managed Services

Cyber threats are growing in sophistication every day. Ransomware attacks are becoming more targeted, phishing scams more convincing, and hackers more relentless. You need comprehensive protection but lack the in-house expertise and round-the-clock availability this requires.


Your Solution

Trident's managed security services are the answer. Our cybersecurity masters will customize layered defenses to safeguard your most valuable data and resources. By handling monitoring, maintenance, and management of your security, we empower you to focus on your core mission.

Security Tailored To Your Needs


Trident never takes a one-size-fits-all approach. We start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your specific requirements, risk appetite, and existing infrastructure.


Next, our experts design a security roadmap leveraging leading technologies to address your unique vulnerabilities. We then fully implement and integrate the solutions, providing training and knowledge transfer to your team.

Complete Coverage From All Threat Vectors

Trident managed services provide 360-degree protection

Perimeter security via firewall management, intrusion prevention, and anomaly detection
Endpoint protection through advanced threat monitoring and response on all devices
Access control using multi-factor authentication across applications​​

Data protection leveraging encryption and next-gen antivirus

Vulnerability management via periodic scans and penetration testing

Compliance reporting tailored to your regulatory requirements

Log analysis for threat hunting and forensics using ML and AI

Dark web surveillance to detect compromised credentials

Custom threat intelligence leveraging ethical hacking techniques

Always Vigilant, Always On Guard

Trident's remote management and monitoring capabilities coupled with security operations centers in multiple global locations allow us to provide 24/7 vigilance.

Our SOC team is staffed by certified experts in security analysis, threat intelligence, incident response, forensics and more. They are supported by machine learning for anomaly detection and automation capabilities for rapid response.

From immediately neutralizing detected threats to providing monthly reviews and strategic recommendations, we’ve got your back around the clock.

We Live and Breathe Security

Other managed service providers just dabble in security as one of many responsibilities. Trident only focuses on managed cybersecurity services, making us specialists.

Our cybersecurity experts hold credentials like CISM, CISSP, CEH, OSCP and are active members of the global ethical hacking and research community.

By partnering with Trident, you gain access to hard-to-find skills, saving you time and money trying to build such capabilities in-house.

Security That Evolves With You


Trident takes a continuous improvement approach to managed security. As your needs change, we update protections to address new threats and integrate new solutions. Regular penetration testing,


You get full visibility into your security posture via executive dashboards, monthly reports, and direct access to Trident experts. Vulnerability scans, and gap assessments ensure your defenses stay optimized.

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