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Proactive Offensive Services for Robust Defense

Trident Info Sec's offensive security experts provide comprehensive assessments to expose weaknesses in your defenses before they can be exploited.

offensive services
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Your Digital Battleground, Our Expertise

The IT landscape is fraught with challenges, many of which remain unaddressed until they escalate into full-blown crises. At Trident, we preempt these crises by turning the tables on attackers, using their own strategies against them.

Unveiling a New Era of Cyber Resilience

Our Offensive Cybersecurity Services are designed not just to protect but to empower. We simulate sophisticated cyberattacks, identifying cracks in the armor before they can be exploited. This isn't just about finding vulnerabilities; it's about engineering a cybersecurity framework that evolves as fast as the threats themselves.

Why Settle for Defense When You Can Lead the Offense?

Connect with our experts to uncover weaknesses and reinforce your security posture.


Internal Penetration Testing

Our ethical hackers simulate compromised access from within your systems, mimicking real-world attacks using MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Starting from a low-privilege position, we identify critical data and escalate access in the manner a malicious actor would.


Purple Teaming

For a collaborative offensive assessment, our Purple Team engagements involve working directly with your security personnel in real-time. As vulnerabilities are uncovered, we provide context around exploitation techniques so your team learns to think like an attacker.


Web Application Testing

Leveraging industry standards like PTES, our experts thoroughly test your web apps and APIs using automated scanners, customized scripts, and manual techniques focused on common weaknesses like injection flaws and improper access control.


Mobile App Testing

We utilize the same tools and techniques as real-world attackers to evaluate iOS and Android mobile apps and APIs. Following OWASP guidelines, we uncover flaws in authentication, access controls, data storage, and business logic.



Our GICSP certified professionals have extensive hands-on experience securing industrial environments. We conduct non-intrusive testing tailored to your unique operational constraints and safety requirements.

Uncover ICS vulnerabilities without unnecessary downtime or risk through expert assessment.


Hardware Hacking

Through host enumeration, endpoint security testing, and exploit development, we assess laptops and devices for vulnerabilities if they are lost, stolen, or physically accessed by an attacker.

Safeguard your data from compromise when hardware falls into the wrong hands.


Phishing Assessments

We simulate sophisticated phishing techniques aimed at acquiring credentials for deeper access into your systems. Moving beyond awareness metrics, these real-world simulations evaluate your true susceptibility.


Blockchain Audits

Our experts review blockchain smart contracts to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to loss of funds, data leakage, or denial-of-service. We specialize in Ethereum, Solana, and other leading protocols.


M&A Cyber Due Diligence

When undertaking mergers and acquisitions, we perform cybersecurity assessments of the target organization's infrastructure, policies, and posture to quantify additional risks being absorbed.


External Network Testing

Leveraging PTES methodology, we thoroughly enumerate externally facing systems and custom-tailor exploitation techniques to identify vulnerabilities that real-world attackers could capitalize on.

Why Trident's Offensive Security?

See Why Trident is Perfect for You

  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited

  • Demonstrate weaknesses in security controls to drive improvement

  • Prepare personnel through exposure to real-world techniques

  • Meet compliance requirements like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more

  • Reduce risk of compromise that can lead to data theft, financial fraud, and reputation damage

Timeline for Our Security Transformation

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